League Rules


  • Up to eight teams consisting of 3-6 members per team.
  • The season consists of seven (7) weeks of regular competition followed by one (1) additional week of finals.
  • Every performer must meet the minimum age requirement: 21+
  • All karaoke league members must abide by all laws regarding alcohol consumption. Further, all rules of the host establishment shall be strictly enforced. Rowdy, disrespectful, violent or otherwise problematic league members may be subject to disciplinary actions, including, but not limited to disqualification, suspension or expulsion from league activities.
  • Costumes are highly encouraged, but not required.


  • Every team member must perform at least one solo in a season.  Group performances are not counted towards this requirement.
  • Each team will present three performances during regular competition: round one is a solo round (single performer); round two is a challenge round (1 or more performers); round three is a group round (3-6 performers)
  • Each team performing will submit a list of their performers and songs to the division hosts as early as Friday morning following competition night and no later than 5pm Tuesday before the competition. 
  • No song shall exceed five (5) minutes in length.  Songs over 5 minutes that are submitted will not be accepted.
  • In the event that two teams choose to sing the same song on the same night, whoever submitted the song first will sing that particular song.
  • In the case of technical difficulty, the team experiencing the problem will be shifted to the end of the round order and may select a new song if another version is not available.
  • No song may be performed twice in any one season. 


  • Ballots will be distributed to every person present at Venkman's at the beginning of each round. This includes both league members and non-league members; as such teams are encouraged to bring friends. No ballots will be distributed after the end of the first performance of a given round. An ATLKL official who will total the scores will collect ballots at the end of every round.
  • The ballot for each round will ask voters to write-in their three favorite performances. Should a ballot contain more or less than three votes, the ballot will be discarded and not counted.
  • Team member votes will be worth one (1) point, non team member's votes are worth two (2) points.  Judges' votes will be worth five (5) points.
  • The team with the highest total number of votes will be declared the winner for that round. In the event of a tie, there will be a sing-off in which the winner is determined by applause.
  • The winner of each round will not be announced until the end of final round.
  • All rounds will be tabulated.  The team with the highest cumulative score for the evening will be declared that week's winner. Each team's score will be added to their cumulative team score for regular season play.


  • Ballots will be distributed as in the regular season, but for finals, all votes are worth double.
  • Each team's final score will consist of their top six scores from the entire season, including the finals.
  • The winner will be based on the top votes cast for the entire season. 


  • If a team believes another team has violated any of the above rules, the team captain (or the captain's appointed representative) must present the issue to the division hosts before the results are announced at the end of the night. The division hosts will review the situation and determine if the issue is valid.
  • No grievance may be filed against the host, judges, or Venkman's staff regarding the counting of votes or the announcement of winners.
  • These rules may be altered or amended at any time, with or without notice. The currently published rules appearing will govern all competitions.


  • All players must abide by the instructions and decisions of the host, judges, and Venkman's staff.
  • Performers must follow all local laws and regulations. Prohibited behaviors shall include: hanging/climbing on or around venue structures, throwing or tossing items into the crowd/audience or at venue equipment, using or spraying any hard-to-clean material, including but not limited to glitter, confetti, water or other liquids, paint, glue, powder, and silly string, and any other actions or behaviors that damage or have the potential to cause damage to the venue, staff, audience, teams, or equipment. The use of aerosols, such as whipped cream, are prohibited. Live animals or pets are prohibited.  When in doubt, ask a member of league staff.
  • Teams must clean up after themselves before leaving the venue, including discarding or taking home all trash, props, costumes, and other items.
  • If a team member is prevented from performing, the league staff must be contacted via email with the reason for substitutions. Substitutions may be considered for, but are not limited to, events resulting from the injury, sudden illness, family emergency, or work-related emergency of that team member. Should a substitution be approved, the substitute should perform the same song that the original performer planned to sing.
  • Under no circumstances will heckling be permitted, unless it is by a judge. If a complaint is received about any league member showing unsportsmanlike conduct, he/she will receive a warning. If the inappropriate behavior continues, that performer's team will lose their matchup in that round by default. If the problem continues after that, the individual(s) will be banned from the league and the division venue, without any refund of his or her registration fee.

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